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Shout About London

Nov 1, 2019

Gingerline are widely considered as trailblazers of the immersive dining world. Their secret East London locations are text to guests just 60 minutes before the start of the event.

Once you’re inside you are taken into a different world, with immersive actors, and unique food-led concepts; from multi-dimensional universes, to hot air balloon rides and even being the stars of your very own game show. Suz talks about the ethos behind a Gingerline event, second careering in catering, and recaps some of the last ten years of success and setbacks along the way.

00:50 A review on last week’s guest – Journey to the Underworld at Pedley Street Station

02:42 Ben talking about how there could be too much ‘immersive’ in London

03:53 Gingerline

04:41 Suz joins in the studio and talks about going into business from a punters viewpoint

06:35 Going into food as a second career

07:30 Their first supper club

08:50 Why Gingerline

11:04 What is Gingerline

12:30 Chambers of Flavour

13:25 The Grand Expedition

14:45 The core team

15:34 Successes

17:05 The biggest hurdles along the way

18:00 Giving up the day job

19:00 The commercial realities of finding a space

20:00 The Hoxton site

21:18 Where is the brand heading

22:50 Costs, times and dates

24:20 The competitive dining game show

27:56 Social Media

29:45 Ben talks about his run in with the police

31:55 Bens recap on the conversation with Suz

33:00 From event space to outer Space  

34:45 Ben begging for reviews

35:38 This weeks thank you’s and social media

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