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Shout About London

Jul 12, 2019

Dabbers is revolutionising the game of Bingo. Considered to be one of the worlds first Contemporary Bingo events, with a site specifically designed to maximise enjoyment from the game. Hear how after a very tricky start, Founder - Ed Wethered - pulled together the funding, the site and the concepts, to create a hilarious and memorable night out. You can go and see them at their Aldgate home, or at many major festivals this Summer.

1:20 Last weeks episode

2:36 Competitor Socialising event

5:08 This weeks guest is Dabbers Bingo

08:45 Ed from Dabbers

11:22 Ed’s background

14:00 Fundraising for charities

15:40 Their first Bingo run

16:35 Raising capital and being cut out

18:00 Going again

20:00 The difference in marketing now compared to before

21:20 Keeping the momentum when handing some of the operations over to staff

23:15 Biggest success so far

24:55 Our favourite things about Dabbers

26:30 Giving away a holiday every Friday

27:00 Costs, times and dates

27:55 Festivals to find Dabbers at this year: Latitude, House Festival, Feastival, Truck Festival

28:55 Ed’s favourite London bars

30:36 Ed’s morning routine

34:00 Recap on the conversation with Ed

35:35 Ben’s time on Osea Island

40:10 The Gelato Festival

You can reach the guests here
Instagram: @dabbersbingo

Twitter: @Dabbersbingo
Facebook: @DabbersBingoLDN


The Curtain

Sherlock the Game Is Now


Osea Island

The Gelato Festival

Whistle Punks

Hire Space

Shuffle Club

Raise your hands

Hop King


House Festival


Truck Festival

Mother Kelly’s

Ray Jones

Satan’s Whiskers

The Crown and Two Chairman

Osea Island

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