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Shout About London

Jun 23, 2017

Hear from Nick Stephenson, who is responsible for the first 'David Bowie Walking Tour of Brixton'. As a special treat he also gives us a live studio performance. A Bowie track (naturally) and an original.

Then, Dan Atkins of Champagne Tours London calls in, to talk about his newest project: VIP Bus Bars

0.34 What the guys learned from last weeks episode: the Battle of the beaches 

1.44 Feedback from last week 

5.11 What happened this weekend

08:37 Nick Stephenson enters the studio 

10:06 Nick talks about why he moved to London 

10:41 Why is to so difficult to have longevity when running acoustic nights in London. Followed by the difficulty of getting venues to promote your own gigs

13:47 The David Bowie walking tour. Where the idea came from, how it got started.

17:06 Dates and times you can go to the David Bowie Walking tour and how to get tickets 

17:44 Nick plays a David Bowie cover 

21:05 Nicks favourite places and things to do in London 

25:00 Nick plays his second song, an original track, requested but Stuart. 

29:28 How to find Nick on line 

31:31 Costs of the tours, and a repeat of the times (which Nick had actually already mentioned)

33:12 Nicks movements this week for live gigs - The Greyhound in Kew on Sunday - 17:30 (All Nicks upcoming gigs can be found on this link )

35:59 Ringing Dan Atkins from Champagne Tours London/ VIP Bus Tours

37:00 Dan talks about his business, how long they've been going

38:08 The Journey for the guests on board Champagne Tours London

40:16 How the idea came along

41:21 The importance of mentors 

42:11 How to get on board, via private bookings, or an open experience on the last Friday of every month.

42:54 The new project: VIPBusBars 

45:04 Dan's past life 

46:40 His favourite places in London

48:46 How to find/follow/book the Bus 

51:25 Shout About wrap up the show with special thanks goes to...

52:25 How to contact us 

You can reach the guests here

Instagram: nickstephensonmusic

Facebook: nickstephensonmusic

Twitter: nfstephenson

Picture of Nick, taken from

Instagram: champagnetourslondon

Facebook: champagnetourslondon

Twitter: vipbusbars

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