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Shout About London

Nov 15, 2019

London’s largest Doggo market is back on 08th December at Flat Iron Square.

Co-Founder Lucie Herring drops by to discuss the evolution of the event, to announce some of the brands attending and tells us why All Dogs Matter!

01:12 Last week on the show

02:24 ABQ

06:00 Instagram versus Facebook

06:39 The Balance of Power Breakthrough weekend

10:05 Electric Shuffle

11:22 Ben in space

12:56 This week on the show

13:40 Lucy joins the studio

14:34 Being a dog person

15:33 Why pugs?

16:11 Why Doggo Style started

17:34 Pet Stores in london

19:25 The next show at Flat Iron Square

20:30 All dogs allowed

22:43 Biggest success so far

23:48 Biggest set back

25:00 All dogs matter

26:55 Doggy Style

27:52 What brands attend

30:20 Penis’s and Dog food

35:15 Seeing your spirit animal

36:14 What’s different for the next show

38:38 Tickets and social media

40:30 Recap on the interview

42:20 The Weekly Shout

46:00 Discount code for Wolf Of Wall Street immersive theatre show

46:00 Thanks and social media

Social Media

Facebook/Instagram: @doggostylemarket

Twitter: @DoggostyleM


Stardust LDN

Buses 4 Homeless



Balance of power breakthrough weekend

Electric Shuffle

Bow wow

Pets at home

Flat Iron Square


Welsh Russian

Dogs Body Design

Une Alfie

Rock Dog

Rag and paw

Worcester kitty

All dogs matter

Street Vet


Tuttenkamun exhibition

Human Traffic


Wolf of Wall Street


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