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Shout About London

Dec 1, 2017

This week on the Shout About London Podcast, Smith and Sinclair invite you to: touch a sound and suck a scent.

Melanie was running a singles dating event in Dalston, having mixed success. After dropping some sweets in the party bags one night, everything changed.

Four years later, Smith and Sinclair, are leading the way in a brand new market they helped create.

See their products in John Lewis, Harvey Nichols or at their awesome pop-up event: The Flavour Gallery, in Hoxton Basement.

0.32 recap of last week

2:00 letter of the week

3:10 What the guys have done in the last week

07:43 This weeks theme: eating cocktails

08:50 Melanie talks about her background

14:47 The first time the edibles were used

17:12 The beginning of the business

18:34 Getting in Harvey Nichols

19:08 Making the edibles like a cocktail

19:45 Manufacturing

21:00 Feeling a connection with a brand

22:30 The mission to grow and being in John Lewis

24:00 The £250 dildo

25:30 Getting the sweets out

27:02 The Flavour Gallery

28:10 The location and artists in the gallery

29:42 Challenges, including the education of the product, manufacturing, legal

32:50 Successes, the team, John Lewis

33:55 Costs, times and dates

36:02 Edible bubbles

37:16 Anything to announce

39:00 Who entertains the entertainers

Where does Melanie go for a night out

45:56 Social Media

46:54 Business partners

48:35 A recap of Smith and Sinclair

49:19 The weekly Shout

52:37 Weekly thanks

54:18 Shout About Social Media

You can reach the guests here


Venues mentioned:

Twickenham Experience

The Royal Academy


Drinks fusion


Maneros Dalston

Berwick Street Market

Harvey Nichols

John Lewis Oxford Street

Chambers of flavour

Hoxton Basement

Ballie Ballerson

Phoenix Artists Club

Big Fish


The play that goes wrong

A comedy of a bank robbery




Talent Banq

Sonia Leigh

Katy Hurt

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