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Shout About London

Jul 13, 2018

A railway arch in Haggerston, a library of 800 board games and the chance to cooperate or compete, Draughts London has become a popular East London hang out, for a wide demographic. Whether you’re chasing nostalgia, on a date, or just looking for something to do while you catch up with a friend, Draughts has that cosy atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Founder, Nick Curci, joins Shout About to discuss how the concept came about, some of his favourite board games, their new site in Waterloo and running down Shoreditch High Street in his boxers, trying to stop a break in.

00:30 Recap of last week

02:10 What we did last week

06:20 Who’s on this week

06:59 Nick Curci from Draughts

07:40 New York

09:08 Nicks background

10:25 What is Draughts

11:55 Why boardgames

12:36 How did you come up with the name

14:46 The first venue

16:52 The venue being robbed

18:25 Challenges

21:10 Biggest success

22:00 The new venue in Waterloo

25:15 Opening times and dates

26:22 Costs and times

30:00 The Boardgame Game

33:20 Recommendations

38:24 Monopoly facts

39:35 Nicks favourite board games

40:24 Nick

41:11 Draughts Social Media

42:00 Recap of Draughts

42:55 The Weekly Shout

47:49 Weekly thanks

48:10 Social Media

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Twitter: @draughtslondon
Instagram: @draughtslondon
Facebook: @Draughtslondon



Big Red

Rat Bar @ 26 Leake Street

The Soho Grand New York

Backyard Cinema

Howling Hops

East London Liquor Company


Hackney Brewery Open Day


Pandemic, Draughts, Dungeons and Dragons, Battleships, Chess, Hungry Hippos, Timeline, Azul, Scattergories, Balderdash, Atmosphere, Scrabble, Mah Jong, Risk, Operation,

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