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Shout About London

Dec 22, 2017

For the last episode of the series, Shout About meet the great Tony Moore - Music, Art and Development Director at the Bedford in Balham. Tony shares stories from his past, including: his time in Iron Maiden and the Cutting Crew, creating environments for future stars like, Ed Sheeran, KT Tunstall and Paulo Nutini to make their name; and the “Crisis Crossroads” Music Venues are currently facing in London. He also plays us two of his original songs live in the studio.

00:34 Last week on the show

02:00 What the guys have been up to in the last week

06:30 This week’s theme – Live at the Bedford

09:00 Tony Moore in studio, beginning with his back story

10:33 Starting out in Iron Maiden

12:40 Leaving Iron Maiden, joining Tanz Der Youth

14:40 Writing a hit in Holland

15:30 Joining the Cutting Crew

17:54 Starting the Kashmir Club (helping the likes of KT Tunstall, Damien Rice)

19:33 Joining the Bedford in 2003

20:51 How the Bedford has changed over the years (from being known as the “Deadford”)

23:23 The “Crisis Crossroads” for Music Venues in London. Licensing laws and government legislations, forcing them to close.

26:56 Introducing the ‘Agent of Change’ to try and save small venues

28:55 Night time economy and the lack of protection. The demise of Hammersmith.

30:25 Big Challenges: being South of the River, making money with small venues

33:30 Success since being at the Bedford. Including giving gigs to a 17-year-old Paulo Nutini, James Morrison and Jamie T, all before they were famous.

36:36 Cost/Times and dates

38:22 Helping the rise of Ed Sheeran

40:05 Why some artists make it and others don’t

42:45 Who entertains the entertainers, where does Tony go out?

45:44 Soho Radio

48:55 Five favourite bands, including Coffee Pot Drive

50:25 3 Best Gigs Tony has been to, Ben’s favourite two, Stuarts favourite two

53:53 Tony and the Bedford on Social Media

54:30 Tony song 1

57:54 Tony song 2 (not the Blur song)

01:01:01 Wrapping up with Tony Moore

01:01:43 Recap on the interview with Tony

01:04:20 Cheese Board Gate

01:06:08 The Weekly Shout

01:09:50 The Weekly Thanks

01:11:34 Shout About Social Media

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