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Shout About London

Sep 13, 2019

We first became aware of Seb and his company, when they transformed a caravan into immersive cocktail experience, ABQ – based on the ground-breaking TV series Breaking Bad. Since then Forbes have declared how his company, Lollipop “have successfully cracked the code of immersive cocktail experiences”, Seb’s been interviewed on CNN, and (via a Bletchley Park inspired bar) launched London’s first naked restaurant (Bunyadi). So what next? How about an immersive fun house, where all you need for one night, is under one roof! Hear some of Seb’s incredible insights into business, entrepreneurship and the true meaning of that much lauded term ‘immersive’.

00:30 Recap on last week with Skuna Boats

02:00 Long Road Festival

05:30 This week on the podcast

07:05 Seb Lyall enters the studio

07:33 The worlds first naked restaurant, the press achieved and a concept countering “beach body ready”

10:45 Recruiting for a naked restaurant

12:20 How the company has pivoted to more permanent venues and restaurants

13:15 ABQ - the immersive Breaking Bad inspired experience

15:10 How to create interest in a bar with no name, that doesn’t exist

16:25 The tweet that changed London

19:50 The Bletchley inspired bar and how the menu is the game

23:45 Why Lollipop

24:25 The biggest problem they face - staffing

27:25 Immersive food and beverage

28:30 How the IP works when producing tv inspired content

32:40 The Grid (Escape Room)

34:20 Having a de facto place to go for experiences

36:17 A basic formula for an opportunity in business

37:50 Immersive fun houses

41:20 Finding venues

43:45 Difficulties of expansion

47:22 Why Seb does it

48:50 Lollipop social media

51:10 Recap on Seb

52:18 The Doggo style market

54:52 Shout About Social Media

You can reach the guests here 

Instagram: @SebLyall @ABQLondon @TheBletchley @theGridLDN

@ABQParis @journeyLDN



Skuna Boats

Long Road Festival

Jake Morell

Seb Lyall


The Worlds End (Chelsea)

Moonshine Saloon


Grid LDN

Breaking Bad


Jessie Pinkman



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