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Shout About London

Aug 16, 2019

Ian Carpenter joins us to talk, year two of the London Brunch Fest; happening on the last weekend of August. In what will be the biggest celebration of brunch London has ever seen, you can start your day with a Bloody Mary, learn how to make kombucha, grab a dessert on Sweet Street and dance off your dining fuelled by the best Espresso Martini’s in town.

00:30 Recap of last week

02:20 Ben’s Fringe recommendation

07:16 Ian from London Brunch Fest joins the show, beginning with his background in disability sport

10:08 Ian cracks out the Bloody Mary’s

11:50 The first things to do when organising the festival

13:50 Funding the show

15:05 How does it work

15:35 Workshops at the show

16:33 Challenges in year 1

20:10 Best places to brunch / Headliners for the show

21:04 What makes a good brunch place

22:15 Biggest success so far

23:00 How the show will grow

23:42 What time is brunch

25:20 Sweet Street desserts

28:10 Dates times and cost

29:15 Social media

31:54 Recap on the show

33:45 Shout About Social Media

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Instagram:          LondonBrunchFest

Facebook:          LondonBrunchFest

Twitter:                LDNBrunchFest



Longbottom and Co (Bloody Mary)

Truman Brewery

Origin Coffee

Avo Bar

Shakshuka Sunday’s

Brother Marcus

Le Swine

The espresso rooms

Parks bar and kitchen (Tulse Hill)

Brick wood cafe

The farmers mistress

Waffle on


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