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Shout About London

Jun 29, 2018

For the first episode of a brand-new season, Shout About are back, this time with their friend, Ray Jones. Known all over town as ‘Mr London’, Ray’s career has seen him go from a super connected concierge, via TimeOut and landed him at the doorstep of his own incredible music venture.

If you want to hear about the coolest bars in London, the places to go for live gigs, or the up and coming stars in the music scene, look no further than Ray Jones and his ‘banq’ of incredible talent.

Venues mentioned:

00:20 Reintroduction in to Shout About London

01:00 Recap of last week

01:40 26 Leake Street – Shout About London’s new venue

07:00 Rat Bar @ 26 Leake Street

10:15 Our three favourite events, we’ve been to since the last episode

16:25 Ray Jones of Talentbanq joins us in the studio

18:15 Ray’s background, including life as a concierge

21:47 TimeOut London

23:04 Launching The TimeOut Card & TimeOut Live

23:40 The Rising Stars Gig

24:24 The Rising Stars

28:55 Sonia Leigh

28:40 Talentbanq

41:45 Biggest challenge

43:00 26 Leake Street (again)

45:00 Rat Bar @ 26 Leake Street

47:00 Biggest Success

56:30 Ray’s favourite bars in London

59:25 Time for a game “7 in 7” – Ray has to guess his own artists

1:09:34 Talentbanq social media handles

1:10:10 Mr London

1:10:45 Recap of Mr London

1:12:37 Tunnel Vision Live / Tunnel Vision unplugged

1:13:40 The Weekly Shout

1:18:39 Thank you’s

1:18:55 Social Media Handles

1:20:05 Enjoy the outro tune


Studio Boom, Marques Almeida, Adidas – Deerupt Trainer, Fendi (FF Reloaded), Lisa Canny, Red Bull, Danny Price, Rat Bar, The Cans Festival, Gary Alford, Wu Tang Clan, Black Deer Festival, Smart Hospitality, The Great Escape Festival, The Naked Bike Ride, Phoenix Artist Club, The Alley Cat, Cro Bar, The Isle of White Festival, The Hard Rock Café, Hawker House, Sonia Leigh, Café Nero, The Jazz Café, 229 Venue, Belle Roscoe, Joe Slater, Anavae, Belle Roscoe, Ray Waters, The Zipheads, Key West, The Ned, The Spiritual Bar, The Green Note, Lisa Wright, Lots Holloway, Megan O’Neil, Penny Riviera, Joe Slater, Broken Witt Rebels, Waterloo Food Month, London Pride, Her