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Shout About London

Sep 20, 2019

This week we have our friend Ed Poland, Co-founder of a market leading platform, that’s helps users source spaces for commercial use. Since 2010 Hire Space have disrupted the events industry, introducing a strategic use of technology when others were still caught in the past.

Ed talks about getting 40 “no’s” out of 40 when looking for his first investment, how the Russian Olympic pole vaulting team played a part in the journey, and gives invaluable advice to budding entrepreneurs.

00:45 a recap on last week - Seb Lyall from Lollipop

01:30 A short argument about planets

03:17 Ben’s review on the Backyard Cinema launch

04:25 This week on the show

05:07 Ed joins the studio

05:45 Imex in Vegas

07:10 Ed’s background (as a speech writer for the UN and a policy researcher)

08:25 Will, Ed’s Co-founder and the birth of their idea

10:00 The first six months and what it took to realise they had a proposition of value

12:00 The first big enquiry

13:25 Getting investment

15:00 The difficulties of first launching the site and losing money

17:00 Finding Tom, the web designer

19:00 Why the website didn’t work at first

20:00 Why getting a technology minded person in the room is so important

25:33 Size of the company

26:30 Recruiting

27:30 The difficulties of growing a team

28:25 Staff culture and keeping people motivated

29:25 Event Lab

32:19 The Event Lab podcast

34:15 What’s next for Hire Space

37:00 Hire Space Awards

38:17 Internal systems helpful for business owners

40:15 Ed’s favourite venue

43:20 Hire Space Social Media

44:35 Recap of the conversation

46:00 The Wolf of Wall Street immersive experience

48:41 Variant 31

51:30 Shout About Social media

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Backyard cinema

Capital studios

IMEX Las Vegas


Milk Roundabout

Truman Brewery

Event lab

The business design centre

National Gallery

Hub Spot

Charlie HR

Lumierre London

Looking Glass cocktail club

Iron Bloom

Scarf Bar at the Rosewood Hotel

Slim Jim’s

Phoenix Arts Club

Great Gatsby

Variant 31

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