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Shout About London

Nov 3, 2017

Bored of the same old places? What if we could show you an Axe Throwing, Slam Dunking, Turbo Bouncing, Front Flipping, Bat **** crazy night out? and all before your first beer!

Even better, what if you only needed two places to do it in?

This week on the Shout About London Podcast we have Urban Axe Throwing venue Whistle Punks.

Hear how a game of bubble football, escalated into slinging axes into wooden targets.

Followed by the incredible, brand new, indoor Leisure Park: Zap Space. Both kids and adults can bounce around this dynamic world of adventure; busting front flips into huge foam diving pits, racing down the vertical slides, or slam dunking into the night. Episode 10: ‘Urban Sports’ has landed.

01:40 A recap on the last episode with Open House and Totally Thames

04:18 Review of the Week

04:45 What have Shout About London been up to in the last month

09:00 This week’s theme

10:00 First guests of the day Jools Whithorne and John Nimmons from Whistle Punks

10:40 The London Bubble Football Company and how the guys met

13:00 How Axe Throwing came up

14:26 The original venue

15:24 Expanding out of London

16:45 Why Whistle Punks?

18:00 Beginners are welcome

21:00 How it works

22:10 Health and Safety

23:42 Biggest challenges

24:55 Biggest success

26:40 Costs, time and dates

28:30 Things to announce / the League!

29:55 Who entertains the entertainers

Thame Rockets

31:00 Social Media for Whistle Punks

31:20 Recap of the Whistle Punks conversation

32:12 Pol Gallagher from Zap Space

32:37 Pol’s background

34:00 Going it alone

34:50 Pop-up Architecture

36:21 Finding the location and its history

37:15 Why Trampolining

37:45 The bar

40:47 Dress code

41:52 Slam Dunk Zone

42:55 Zen Sen (sensory play for people with special needs)

43:40 Little Zappers

44:07 Burning calories

44:48 Costs, times and dates

47:35 Social Media for Zap Space

48:18 Who entertains the entertainers – Big Red, Kings Head Theatre Pub

51:00 Recap on zap space

52:30 The Weekly Shout


54:36 This week’s thanks and Social Media

55:05 Moving to London

You can reach the guests here

Twitter: @WhistlePunksUK
Instagam: @whistlepunks
Facebook: @whistlepunks


Venues & events mentioned this week 

HSBC office in St James

Admiralty House

Customs House

International Astronauts Congress

Ballie Ballerson

Backyard Cinema – the Snow Kingdom

Sonia Leigh

The Borderline

Red Rooster in the Curtain

Whistle Punks

Zap Space

The London Bubble Football Company

Play On Sport

Django Bango

The Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester

Thame Rockets

Pergola on the Roof

Brixton Rooftop

The Rex Nightclub

Pitch Stratford

The Curious Fox

Old Town Bistro

You Me Bum Bum Train

Big Red

Kings Head Theatre Bar

Slim Jims

Ally Pally Fireworks

5 guys names Mo at Marble Arch Theatre

Skylight at Tobacco Docks

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