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Shout About London

Sep 15, 2017

What better way for Open House to celebrate its 25th anniversary, than by talking to Shout About London and our educated listeners.

We’re also joined by Totally Thames festival, as they discuss some of their favourites, from the 150 events they have in store for Londoners, this September.

0:56 The boys recap last week's show.

2:20 Review of the week

3:10 Some winners of the Hardens Restaurant Awards 

7:50 Last weekend 

10:48 This week’s theme and guests 

12:20 Rosalind from Open City enters the studio

14:10 What is Open House 

16:38 Who goes to Open House 

18:15 How the tours work 

20:25 How they get the venues involved 

21:38 Biggest challenge 

22:35 Successes 

23:43 Costs, times and dates 

25:10 Rosalind's picks of the week

  • 184 Shepherds Bush Road
  • Harmondsworth Medieval Barn in Hillingdon
  • Tump 53 - Nature reserve
  • Mews House
  • Shaftesbury Theatre
  • The Tara Theatre in Richmond
  • Lancaster House


28:40 Social Media 


29:07 Recap and intro to Hannah Nicholls Totally Thames 

30:22 Hannah's background 

31:45 What is Totally Thames and the Thames Festival Trust

32:40 Why don't we use the River much in London

34:47 The beginning of the Festival 

37:37 How are the events put together 

39:44 Challenges & Successes 

42:34 Costs, times and dates 

43:32 Hannah’s Totally Thames picks of the month (that are left to come)

  • Brunel Museum and tunnel shaft in Rotherhithe
  • Dixie Queen on the Thames

46:00 Social Media 

47:20 A recap of Totally Thames 

48:10 The Weekly Shout

  • LAPADA - antiques fair
  • Colourscape Music Festival
  • Rough Runner

51:50 This week’s thankyous and Shout About Social Media

You can reach the guests here

Twitter: @OpenHouseLondon
Instagam: @OpenHouseLondon
Facebook: @OpenHouseLondon2017


YouTube:Totally Thames

Venues & events mentioned this week 


Hippodrome Casino




The Bleeding Heart

Slim Jims (Angel)

The Lighterman 

The Curtain

Vault Gym 

Pembroke Castle


Banqueting House

Castle St Angelo

BT Tower

10 Downing Street

The Shard 

The Mudlark in London Bridge

London Riviera 

More London

The Scoop

Sing for water 

The Tall Ships festival 

Future Dust 

National poetry library at the south bank centre 

Bascule Chamber Tower Bridge

The Phoenix Artists Club

Rough Runner 

Colourscape Music Festival 

Brunel Museum and tunnel shaft in Rotherhithe 

Dixie Queen on the Thames 

184 Shepherds Bush Road 

Harmondsworth Medieval Barn in Hillingdon 

Tump 53 - Nature reserve 

Mews House 

Shaftesbury Theatre

The Tara Theatre in Richmond 

Lancaster House 

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