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Shout About London

Jul 19, 2019

The Meredith Collective produce some of the most engaging and press heavy of pop-up events of recent times. Founder Meredith O’Shaughnessy talks us through the emotional journey of creating short-terms events, utilising press to sell tickets, and how she became known as ‘the Queen of Pop-ups’.

00:30 Short recap on last week

00:40 This week on the show

01:12 Meredith talks about her cred deck

02:00 The worlds first Tampon shaped Macaroons

03:14 Coming up with a name for each project and Ohlala

05:18 The clubs Meredith started out in

08:00 The first pop up

09:10 The commercials of a pop up

11:10 The emotional journey of creating a pop up

11:50 The worlds first avacado pop up and why the need to generate press

13:52 Advice to people setting up a business

16:32 Avacado hand

18:02 Classing something as successful

19:12 The Christmas Rage Room

26:20 Dream pop ups

28:30 Who to bounce ideas off

29:45 Best pop ups in London

32:30 Social media details and things coming up

34:18 Ben learns a lesson in comic timing

34:45 A recap on Meredith

35:30 A proper recap on Dabbers last week

37:22 Last weekend in London

40:33 Shout About Social Media

You can reach the guests here
Instagram: @feebsworld



The Roof Gardens

China white

Cafe de paris


Ushuaia Night club

British Library business centre

Secret cinema


Secret Garden at the Rosewood Hotel


Osea Island

Raise your hands


Lots Holloway

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