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Shout About London

Jul 28, 2017

If you’d heard of its existence, chances are you were excited. Well, finally, it’s time to UNLEASH THE BEAST!

Find out how Nick Zapper got the jump on the World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle, bringing it to London for the first time this Summer.

Follow his journey from Australia, via the circus, to the London Riviera and beyond?

0:42 A recap of last week's show 

2:00 Where the guys went at the weekend 

5:09 This week’s theme: Unleash the beast

5:51 Nick enters the studio and talks his background in Australia before moving to London

08:35 The birth of the London Riviera 

09:20 What is the London Riviera

11:00 The London Bridge city summer festival 

12:27 Challenges of doing events in a public location 

14:05 Times you can go and check out the entertainment

16:45 What is the beast? (The ultimate bouncy castle for adults)

18:00 Why bring the Beast to London and how Nick got involved 

20:40 Nicks favourite places to go

22:27 Future plans for the Beast

23:12 Dates, times and costs of the Beast

23:34 Social media for the Beast and London Riviera 

24:04 Tonight at the Riviera 

27:05 Nick says goodbye and the guys recap the conversation 

29:00 The weekly shout, what's happening in London this weekend

31:55 This weeks thank you's and social media 

You can reach the guests here

Twitter: @London_Riviera
Instagram: @London_Riviera

Facebook: @TheLondonRiviera


Venues mentioned:

The Hospital club

Lost Rivers Elephant 

The Ned

The Kings Arms

London Riviera

Zip London

The Beast

Alexandra Palace

Shout About London

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