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Shout About London

Jun 28, 2019

Inventive Productions founder - Sam Shearman - joins Shout About, on the year anniversary of his first immersive experience, Alcatraz London; the prison cocktail bar. He talks about the genesis of his concepts and discusses his most recent endeavour, Moonshine Saloon, a themed bar set in the Wild West of the late 1800’s. His next project could very well complete this trilogy of interweaving storylines, but whatever is next, he’s 27 years old and he’s just getting started.

00:27 Recap on last week

02:35 Our last week in London

05:53 Introducing this week’s guest – Sam Shearman

07:45 A bit of background on Sam

09:38 Inventive productions and the BYOB concept

12:43 What is Alcotraz

14:30 Who to take the idea to, once you’ve come up with it

15:50 Finding the first site

16:45 Funding

17:50 Moonshine Saloon – the Wild West Experience

19:25 Where is it and what is it

21:05 Finding the second venue

22:30 When is the theme set

25:25 The hardest the business so far

29:55 The successes so far

30:52 Where the brand is heading – THE TRILOGY

33:07 Game of the week

38:50 Social Media of the venues

39:34 Recap of the conversation with Sam

40:28 The Weekly Shout

44:12 The weekly thanks

44:18 Shout About Social Media

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Proud Embankment

Granary Square


Doc Holliday’s Nashville

The Monster

Nick Stephenson

Smithfields Market

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