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Shout About London

Mar 17, 2020

This week we have BLAX founder Danny Price. His a creative events and PR company have worked closely with some of the worlds biggest artists. Most recently they have been exhibiting never before seen images of the Rolling Stones for: ‘Black and White Blues, the Gus Coral collection.

01:45 - Ben’s trip to the US

05:55 - Stuart on his first ever beard 

07:50 Ben and Stuart introduce Danny Proice

09:15 Danny on his promotion career and Blax

12:15 Danny on Black and White Blues

15:00 The story of when Stuart met Goldie (Danny’s Dad) 

21:00 What Rolling Stones thought about the photos 

23:00 current projects Danny is working on 

24:25 Archie’s second debut on the podcast 

24:45 the Enter Shikari sound system 

29:50 Danny on hijacking the bandersnatch campaign 

34:34 Danny on having his own official Instagram GIF

35:00 Danny’s 3 fave places to go in London 

41:20 The Weekly Shout

41:50 Juicy information about upcoming projects for Stardust LDN 

42:50 Drink and Play: The Viewing at the Ninth Life pub 

44:55 the Paddy Fest at Clapham Grand 

48:00 Ben and Stuart wrap it up 


Black Mirror

Rolling Stones

Enter Shikari 

The Beatles

Temple of Seitan

Stardust LDN 

Paddy Fest

Drink and Play at Ninth Life pub 

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