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Shout About London

Dec 6, 2019

This week, the guys meet Alex (one of the founders of DNA VR - London's First Virtual Reality Arcade) and discover that they only understand technology through film and tv references.

1:50 Ben’s review of Mission to Mars at The Design Museum (and reveals his Christmas present)

5:02 Intro to DNA VR: London’s first virtual reality arcade

5:35 DNA VR’s ‘traditional’ background/How the experience evolved

11:51 Ben knows more about Fortnite than a 30 year old should

12:28 How non-gamers programmed their own VR experience

14:28 Ben describes his typical Saturday night (Stuart pretends to be interested)

16:45 DNA VR’s biggest success so far

18:01 …And biggest challenges

20:28 Stuart forces his expert tv show opinions on everyone else (spoilers!)

22:01 Will Stuart ever get to be a real cowboy?

22:49 Doctor Who??

23:17 Upcoming announcements

24:10 Scaling Up

25:36 Times, costs and dates

27:13 Alex’s favourite places in London

29:25 VR or Black Mirror?

30:50 Stuart’s Round-Up (get it?)

33:00 Weekend plans

35:40 Shout About and DNA VR’s Social Media


Secret Cinema

Design Museum

Tower Bridge

Stardust London

Doggo Style Market

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