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Shout About London

Feb 28, 2020

This week we have Electronic Theatre; an Immersive experience, where guests are competing in interactive digital rooms.

After that, we introduce the Stardust connection via our new weekly shouters: The Wade twins.

00:30 recap on last week

00:44 Stardust LDN

02:00 The Twins

03:00 Minus One

05:38 Funicular productions

07:00 Electronic theatre

08:00 David’s background in management consultancy

09:00 Technology and the tough mudder 11:35 what is Electronic theatre

12:18 Developing the concept and 6 months of research

14:08 The first venue

15:09 Biggest success so far

18:00 Food and drink

19:10 Expansion

22:24 Cost, times and dates

25:15 David’s top three experiences

27:15 Social Media

28:07 Ben’s recap on Electric Theatre

29:52 The Wade Twins

30:25 Who are the Wade twins

31:44 What is a content creator

34:00 Stardust Ldn

36:00 how to deal with bickering Brothers

40:42 The Weekly Shout

45:50 Shout About social media


Crystal maze

Secret cinema


Funicular productions

Timeless bar

Minus One

Punch drunk

Virgin Voyage

The scarlet lady

Cocktail Time Machine

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