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Shout About London

Sep 4, 2017

Join Neil Chivers from LD Communications, as we discuss his newest project, Our London Vodka. 

Followed by Peter Dunbar, of the infamous Phoenix Artist Club. Hear how the club has been 'entertaining the entertainers' since the 1980's (and how we stole that line for our show).

00:37 A recap of last week with Nick Zuppar and the Beast London

02:45 Letter of the week

03:22 What the guys have been up to in the mid-season break (mainly arguing about boats)

10:40 This week’s theme and guests

11:40 Neil Chivers joins the guys in the studio

12:10 Neil’s background and LD Communications

13:15 What is Our London

20:00 The roll out, after agreeing to do it

22:03 The learning curve

22:31 Why Vodka?

22:54 The competition (Vodka is the most popular spirit in the world)  

25:17 The biggest challenge 

26:19 The biggest success

27:00 When can the public go and see Our London 

28:23 Who entertains the entertainers? What does Neil do for fun outside of Our London

30:40 Neil's involvement at Hard Rock Calling, with Tina Turner, and the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A. 

35:19 The social media for Our London

36:04 Goodbye Neil, quick recap and hello Peter from The Phoenix 

38:35 Welcome to Peter from the Phoenix Artist Club

39:22 The Phoenix Artist Club and the Phoenix Theatre

43:15 Peter's background in theatre 

44:35 Things changing at the club since Peter arrived 

46:45 Peter setting up his own company, before being asked to join the club 

49:02 What is the Phoenix Artist Club

52:10 The difficulties and obstacles of running the Phoenix 

53:35 How the Phoenix is a 'Safe space' in Soho 

54:25 The biggest success since Peters tenure 

57:30 Peter's favourite West End Shows

1:04:56 The Tim Minchin story 

01:10:24 Costs, times and dates 

01:11:57 The social media for the Club

01:13:52 Goodbye to Peter, and a recap

01:16:00 This weeks thank you's and Shout About contact details 

01:17:00 The Weekly Shout 

01:18:40 Award winning outro

You can reach the guests here


Twitter: @PhoenixArtistCb
Instagam: @ThePhoenixArtsClub
Facebook: @PhoenixArtistClub

Venues mentioned:

Thom Thum – Edinburgh Fringe

Kyaking down Regents Canal

Zip World London

ArcelorMittal Orbit

London Reel – Ido Portal movie

Our London

Roof East

Holland Park

Magpie restaurant (Soho) 



Spitalfields Market

Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A

Milton Keynes Bowl 

Hyde Park

Hard Rock Calling 

The exorcist at the Phoenix Theatre 

Leicester Square Theatre 

Our ladies a perpetual sucker 

Shit faced Shakesphere    

Comedy of a Bank Robbery

The Criterion 


Mouse Trap

Women in Black



Vanity Von Glow

Open House London

Thames River Festival

Mansion House

Lancaster House 

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