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Shout About London

Jun 30, 2017

Let’s talk about Flight Club!

Episode 3 is the first episode of the series dedicated to just one guest.

Hear the fascinating story behind the birth of Flight Club. Emerging as one of the market leaders in social experiences, Flight Club took off thanks to a clear vision, ground breaking technology and a partnership willing to put “all our chips on the table”

COO Paul Barham joins Ben and Stuart on the Shout About London Podcast, for a candid conversation on his new life of running bars, ‘social darts’ and building a business.

0:45 What Ben learned from last week. And yet another correction. 

4:20 What the guys did at the weekend, recommendations of cool places to go.

7:16 This week’s theme 

8:00 Paul from Flight club 

9:36 Why darts is so good socially

13:12 How they first thought of darts 

15:03 When it first got serious 

16:11 Searching for the holy grail, automatic scoring in darts

21:07 Why the premium environment

24:22 Biggest challenges - how they raised the finance 

27:30 How the brand will grow going forward 

28:30 ANNOUNCEMENT: The newest venue opening overseas 

29:18 Who came up with the name Flight Club

29:48 The launch of the Bloomsbury venue

31:00 Where Paul goes out 

32:40 Corporate events at the venue and tournament mode 

34:10 How to book. Walk in tournaments.

38:00 Shout About London give you ‘the weekly shout’. What's happening in London this weekend.

41:07 How to find Shout About on line 

You can reach the guests here

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Twitter: flightclubdarts

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