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Shout About London

Sep 6, 2019

Imagine sailing along a central London Canal, beer in hand, in the UK's first floating hot tub. Austin Mackle - Co-founder of Skuna Boats - joins us to discuss discovering the concept in Rotterdam, joining forces with a new business partner and the challenges of operating a floating venue.

00:36 Recap on last week

02:30 London Brunch Fest

07:20 Skuna Boats

08:55 Introducing Austin from Skuna Boats

09:40 Austin and Stuart (now business partners) both trying to bring the concept to London

12:04 The original hot tug

13:05 How do you drive a floating jacuzzi

15:15 Who makes them

17:40 Rugby World Cup chat

18:45 Conor McGregor, one of the biggest names in Irish sport

21:51 Success so far

22:35 Does size matter??

23:04 What they look for in a site

25:20 Trusting the guests

29:15 Where the brand is heading

30:17 Where Austin goes in London

32:00 Social media for Skuna

32:42 Recap of Skuna Boats and Austin’s children’s books

35:40 What’s happening this weekend

38:00 Shout About Socials

You can reach the guests here 

Facebook/Twitter/Insta - @SkunaBoats

YouTube @Skuna


Long road festival

Black Deer Festival


London brunch fest

Hello fresh

The Green Note

Katie Plus Juan

The Curtain

Kerb - seven dials street food market

Hampstead Heath

Shuffle Club

Flight Club

The Round House

Open House

The Mamma Mia Musical

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