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Shout About London

Oct 25, 2019

As with all great London success stories, Craig Wilkinson came up with the idea for Funicular Production in a Hoxton Boozer at the book end of 2017. After deciding to repurpose a set previously used for a high-profile brand event, they set about raising funds, finding a location, creating a story, hiring actors (and a whole lot more) at a breakneck pace. Whizz forward under two years and they’ve had four different shows, incredible reviews and menus designed by several Master Chef finalists. Craig talks about the birth of the company, breaking the rules of theatre and, on its way back from Hell, where the train is heading next!

00:38 Recap on the Big London Bake

02:52 This week’s guest: Funicular Productions

03:20 Craig Wilkinson joins the studio

04:00 How it all started in December 2018

06:00 Repurposing an old set and finding a site

07:00 The first show “The Murder Express”

08:00 The Master Chef brand association

10:46 What happens at Pedley Street Station

15:17 The script writing

18:22 Breaking the rules of theatre

19:30 Fulfilling a creative need

20:12 Biggest success so far

21:15 Biggest set back so far

24:00 Why Funicular?

25:55 Where is the brand heading

26:50 Original ideas versus existing IP

29:33 Cost, times and dates

30:30 What’s on the menu

32:00 Breaking News: the special show

35:15 A quick note on St Albans

35:45 Where Craig goes out in London

38:24 The best films in existence

41:50 Funicular Social Media

43:00 Recap on the conversation

43:50 The Weekly Shout – The new Star Trek inspired show at COLAB Theatre

45:10 Shout About social media

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Howl at the moon

George and vulture

The Macbeth

Rough Runner

The Spartan Race

Master Chef

Design by night

The Curtain

Backyard Cinema

Greg Wallace

Louisa Ellis

The Dove Hammersmith

The Bike Shed

The Carpenters Arms

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