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Shout About London

Jul 5, 2019

This week we’re joined by Nick Moran, creative director and Co-founder of Time Run; the ground breaking escape room specialists. Nick talks us through their newest project, a collaboration with Hartswood Films and Sherlock writers Mark Gattiss and Steven Moffat.

“Sherlock: The Game Is Now” has taken escape rooms to the next level with ingenious game play, unparalleled narrative, and digital appearances from the stars of the show themselves. Nick tells us how it all came together for him and his business partners, after a series of less successful ventures.

00:36 recap on Hop King last week

02:06 Black Deer Festival

04:50 Stuart’s Mum house catches fire

06:30 the Eagles at Wembley

08:30 Ben explains why sitting down at a gig is actually a good thing

09:34 The Mary Quant Exhibition

10:35 Beyond the Road at the Saatchi Gallery

11:57 This weeks episode - Sherlock: The Game Is Now

12:50 Nick joins us in the studio

14:10 The story of how it started with a series of unsuccessful projects

16:36 Their first game, in 2015

17:00 The investors and how important financing is to a business / project

19:30 The second game, Time Run the celestial chain - and how this spawned the Sherlock Game.

20:40 Steven Moffat, Mark Gattiss and the BBC.

21:45 How you write the script of a game like this, and the mechanics of building the environment and game play

24:35 IP and the production company

26:15 Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch

28:15 The hardest thing so far - finding a venue, we also discuss the licensing issues

32:20 The future of Sherlock: The Game Is Now

36:59 Cost, times and dates

37:15 Social Media

38:38 Recap of Nick and Sherlock: The Game Is Now

39:30 What’s on this summer

40:18 This weeks thanks and Shout About social media

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Instagram: @221b

Twitter: @221b

Facebook: @SherlockTheGameIsNow



On air dining

Black deer festival

Hop king

The V and A

Beyond the Road at the Saatchi Gallery

Punch drunk

The Mary Quant Exhibition

Hartswood Films

Present Laughter


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