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Shout About London

Nov 8, 2019

This week on the show we have Stardust LDN; billed to be London’s first and only immersive winter club experience. With a deep line-up of commercial talent, a wealth of street food traders and many major brands supporting the event, this premium experience promises a nostalgic, on-trend escape from the drab and dreary Christmas party season. Founder, and friend of the show, Lucy Beckwith talks candidly about everything from entrepreneurship, to actual ships, to sleepless nights and sacrifices in business, as well as discussing some of the amazing talent line-up for the event.

00:30 Last weeks episode with Suz from Gingerline

01:10 This weeks episode with Lucy from Stardust LDN

02:24 Welcoming Lucy Beckwith from Stardust LDN

03:00 Realising working for someone wasn’t for her right off the bat

04:00 A nightclub on a boat

05:15 City Cruises PLC

06:30 Seeking approval from dad

07:30 What is Stardust LDN

09:15 The first steps

10:17 Burning man

11:15 The Venue

12:15 Plans for expansion outside of year 1

14:00 Why Stardust

16:00 Stardust’s biggest achievement

17:00 Biggest set back

18:25 Cost, times and dates

20:00 Transport to the venue

21:00 Some line up announcements

22:00 What will Lucy be doing on the day

25:04 Biggest worry

27:30 Sleepless nights in business

29:00 The commercials

31:20 Sacrifices

34:00 Lucy’s favourite nights out

36:24 Burger and Bubbles

38:14 Social media

40:15 Recap on the show

41:44 Shout About Social media

Social Media Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @StardustLDN


City Cruises



Burning Man

Tobacco Docks


Chang beer

Gypsy Shrine


Royal Beats


Ray Jones

Artful Dodger

Mike Skinner


The Ned

Top Golf

Wonder Ice

Burger and Bubbles

Wolf of Wall Street

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