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Shout About London

Jul 7, 2017

Straight Up Ballers

For Episode 4 we have one of the creative minds behind London’s crazy, visually stunning, ball-pit cocktail bar – Ballie Ballerson!

The show features the effervescent Wenny Armstrong. For aspiring entrepreneurs and promotors, there are some absolute gems in her story.

Wenny gives us a small glimpse into her creative, entrepreneurial mind; discussing past events, licencing restrictions, making the most of dead stock and going viral!

We also hear about the plans for the future, as well as some hilarious anecdotes on ball hygiene and things to do in London.

Always doing things her way, Wenny is a Straight Up Baller!

0:45 What the guys learned from last week's episode with Paul Barham from Flight Club

02:55 What happened last weekend, cool venues visited, what's was good and what wasn't. 

10:55 This week’s theme

11:28 Wenny Armstrong joins the guys in studio 

11:45 Wenny's talks about her job, before running her own business 

14:05 The first event Wenny put on: Django Bango.

How she saw the opportunity to take over an airsoft range, that was closed at the weekend. The licensing issues and PR to grow the attention.

18:10 Why Django finished 

18:45 The next two nights Wenny ran in Vauxhall

20:00 What is Ballie Ballerson? Finding the venue was first!

20:12 Why make a Ballpit cocktail bar?

21:19 The importance of ‘hero shots’

22:19 The difference between balls and the ‘squidge’ test. 

23:30 Waiting for press.

25:50 Capacities and how it works 

26:50 Biggest challenges

27:35 The ball pit cleaning machine!

28:36 Lost property in over 250,000 balls

29:45 Biggest success and the reason for the longevity (expecting 3 months, to now already over 10)

32:15 The new site at Box Park in Shoreditch 

32:45 Going viral (over 60 million views)

34:00 More on Boxpark and why that was such a good business decision for them

35:42 Costs and dates

36:25 The night owls

37:36 Something to announce: a brand new venue with 1,000,000 balls!!!

39:20 Who entertains the entertainers – What Wenny and her friends do in their free time

42:30 Stuart gets a lesson in how the tide works 

43:50 How to catch up with Ballie Ballerson on social media 

45:00 Ben and Stuart say goodbye to Wenny and recap the conversation 

46:20 The weekly Shout! What’s on this weekend!

48:07 This week’s thank you list

48:40 A new Zombie experience coming to London

50:22 A banging outro tune

You can reach the guests here

Instagram: BallieBallerson

Facebook: ballieballersonlondon

Twitter: ballieballerson

Venue’s mentioned

Spirit land

Buddha bar

Bunga Bunga 

Inception Group

Aspall tennis classics

Henley Regatta

Play on Sports

The Yard in Vauxhall

Box park 

Apocalypse zombie 

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