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Shout About London

Dec 20, 2019

Imagine a gallery where you can touch and feel your way around to truly immersive yourself in the experience, with the type of pastel colours you might find at the Grand Budapest Hotel.

This pop-up of 15 carefully curated wonderous installations, from London’s only Marshmallow pool,

to pink sandy beaches via a tunnel of mirrors, boasts being one of London’s most ‘Instagrammable’ places.



The Wonder Factory


ATP at the Royal Albert Hall

London Space Network

Doggo Style

56 Davies Street

Flat Iron Square

Stardust LDN


Wolf Of Wall Street

The Ice Rink at City Island


Show Notes:

00:36 Why do we no longer have series

01:38 Last week’s show DNA VR

02:20 Thailand and the jet lag

05:39 Ben’s time since Stuart was away

08:05 Recap of Stardust LDN

09:15 This week’s episode

10:35 Marks background as a software engineer and a business owner

13:55 Dealing with being a business owner and then being an employee again

15:25 Gaining inspiration from concepts in the US

18:00 What is the Wonder Factory

20:38 The Development process

22:40 Finding a venue

24:30 Location

24:50 Biggest Success

26:30 Duration of the event

32:10 Why Marshmallows

32:30 Cost, times and dates

34:10 The pitfalls of West End clubs

37:37 The Weekly Shout

41:00 Thanks and Social Media

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