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Shout About London

Jul 25, 2019

Peter Conway brings his 40 years’ experience in the music business, to the burgeoning world of Country and Americana. A collaboration with Nashville based, Aristo Media and Canary Wharf Arts + Entertainment, Nashville Meets London brings together the genre’s finest up and coming talent, from both sides of the pond. Peter tells us why artistic credibility is key when putting on a festival, updates us on this years’ format and lay’s out some of his stand-out acts of the year.

00:38 recap of last week

00:58 Our dream pop ups

02:30 Ben recaps his little trip to Ibiza

04:45 Love Box

08:00 The Garden Party in Walthamstow

08:20 This weeks episode

10:20 Peter Conway begins by talking about his background

12:42 Nashville, Country Music and the story of Nashville Meets London

16:40 Why Canary Wharf

17:40 Pitching the festival to Jeff Walker

20:00 Baylon Leonard and The Long Road festival

20:45 Artistic credibility when putting on a festival

22:42 Developing the brand

26:00 Who’s performing this year

28:05 Cost, times and dates

30:40 Peters stand our artists

31:41 Peters best gig of recent times

42:15 That thing you can’t bottle

43:22 Black Deer Festival

43:47 Recap on the show

45:00 Pizza Express and Music

46:50 The Weekly Shout

47:20 The Love Island Experience, Luna Cinema

50:00 Thanks and Social Media

50:25 Dan Atkins and Buses 4 Homeless

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Instagram/Facebook: @nashvillemeetslondon

Twitter: @nashmeetslondon



Nashville Meets London

Meredith O’Shaughnessy

Inventive production

High Nightclub

Aristo Media

Canary Wharf arts + entertainment

The Half Moon Young People’s Theatre

Raintown (band)

Canada Square Park

Baylon Leonard

The Long Road Festival

Pizza Express Holborn

Nashville Meets London Presents....

Sonia Leigh

Lisa Wright UK

The Southern Companion

Austin Jenckes

Two ways home

Cash Campbell

Grace Jones on Black Heath

Morgan Myles

Logan Brill

Jewell of the empire murder mystery

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